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So, let me tell you a little about myself.  I am in my 40s, married for nearly 15 years with 2 kids.  I have a background in finance and project management.  With our busy lives, it isn’t always easy keeping up with everything with a full-time job, being an owner of the small business My Lil Smidget and assisting my husband with his small business. Wait a minute…that’s what I do!

Let me tell you ABOUT me.  I love to stay fit, which doesn’t mean that I don’t love foods that I probably shouldn’t eat, but I do exercise regularly.  Yoga is great! I’m sure you will be hearing more about that in the future.  And I typically run 4-6 5Ks a year.  I’m a pretty crafty person and can do the DIY with the best of them out there, but my favorite craft is counted cross stitch.  Stitching has a calming effect on me.  And about 3 years ago, I started making homemade soap which has since expanded into a few other products (lip balm, sugar scrubs, sunscreen, etc.).  I actually enjoy being busy.  And most importantly, I love spending time with my family and friends.

Let me introduce you to the rest of the characters.


My husband Curt is a quiet guy who likes to remain out of the spotlight.  He is a journeyman carpenter, with the most creative mind.  He is one of those people who have the knack for seeing things completely different.  This skill is great for getting things done our way.  He’s a great dad to our kids and has worked on MANY projects around our house to make it a home.  And when he has extra time, you will most likely find him up at the local truck stop.  He has a truck stop ministry and can be found there on a regular basis handing out bibles and giving the Word of God.


My son’s nickname is Bubba (11), as he was quite the round little guy when he was born.  He, like his father, is a really talented artist.  He has had several of his art pieces locally displayed and entered in art shows.  And after struggling with reading back in the first grade, he is now a voracious reader.  He’s played soccer and baseball over the years, but they were never really his thing.  Bubba did find a love for karate.  After a lot of hard work, he earned his first-degree black belt in Bushido karate in May of this year.


Curt has called our daughter Smidget (9) most of her life.  She’s just the tiniest bit and always smiley, except early in the morning.  Smidget is like a ball of energy………..ALL the time.  Her favorite way to funnel that energy is dancing with her competitive dance team (yep, I’m a dance mom).  She is basically my mini-me, except she LOVES all things glitter!  And I’m happy to say that she has also taken an interest in stitching.


Pablo (PB for short) is our 1-year-old chocolate Labrador.  He is the sweetest dog and very well-behaved (for a 1-year-old).  He is definitely part of the family.

There will be many other people from our lives that you will meet over time, but this is our family.  We love to go camping, hiking, and just do things together in general.  We may not do things the way you “should” or the way everyone else does, but we are getting it done our way….and it works for us!