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All That And A Shower – Getting It Done Our Way

I was inspired by my friends and family to start this blog.  I’ve often heard them say to me that they can’t understand how I can get done all that I do.  Let’s face it, we are busy.  But there are ways to make our lives easier and still get done everything that is needed.  Hopefully, that even includes a shower, well at least sometimes.   So this is what I endeavor to do on this blog; try and make your life easier.  Along the way, I’ll share organization tips, quick recipes (hint:  I love my crockpot), health tips, quick fixes and many more things.  Suggestions which I have incorporated in my life, in an effort to maintain my sanity.

An important thing to keep in mind is that we are not all the same.  So take what works for you, modify if you need to, and hopefully along the way you will be able to fit more showers into your life.  So please join us on our journey of getting it done our way!